Route: Valley of Rocks (United Kingdom)

Submitted by SamDeller on Mon, 09/07/2020 - 02:09am
United Kingdom
9.5 km
Vertical Gain
541 m

Starting in Lynmouth overflow car park at the trail wall you follow the trail uphill to the coastal path t junction, here you go right through the gate & then to your left is Hollerday Hill. There is only a track up Hollerday hill on it’s western face but you must ascend Hollerday Hill up its northern face up the steep grass bank where there is no track. You will cross a track three quarters of the way up & continue to ascend until you reach the summit where you’ll find a back less bench. From here you descend down its western face on the track until you come across the valley of rocks traverse, you’re to keep to the highest points of this route & avoid using the track in the lower ground. You will eventually reach the far side & descend down the scree below onto the coastal path. You will follow it to the base of castle rock which you must scramble up its rocky eastern face & avoid the track. Ascend until you have climbed up to its highest point on the highest rock. Then you can descend following the track back to the coastal path. Head up the trail up the south cleave taking you up hill & then continue to follow the trail west to east before descending into Lynton. You will be running on the main road via the school, down hill crossing the B3234, crossing Lyn Bridge & then ascending up to Oxen Tor hitting the two Moors way trail before descending into Lynmouth. Once you enter Lynmouth head towards the pier following the road round to the overflow car park touching the start of the trail route wall to finish.