Route: Vroman's Nose Loop Trail (NY)

Submitted by Bethany K Garretson on Mon, 01/03/2022 - 08:06am
New York, US
1.57 mi
Vertical Gain
420 ft

Vroman's Nose Loop Trail is a 1.5 mile heavily trafficked loop trail located near Middleburgh, New York. 

There is a parking lot near the trail head. Timing for the FKT begins and ends at the gate. 


1. Quick approach up through a grassy meadow to the well beaten trail

2. The trail will split in two and you can approach the loop either way. I personally like to stay left and tackle the steep first. If you stay left, you will be to the summit/nose in .5 miles. It is a stunning view of Middleburgh, New York with sheer drops to the valley floor. 

3. Run along the ridgeline and descend. 

I believe Vroman's Nose Loop will make for a competitive FKT in central, New York. Located between the Catskills and the Adirondacks, there are not many FKTS in this area. This one is special to me, because it was one of the first hikes I ever took and I discovered a deep love for trail running, climbing and scrambling.  

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This FKT should be taken off the site as it does not meet the first labeled criteria of FKT's "Must be at least 5 miles long or with at least 500 feet of climbing"

Aaron, I'm aware the route falls just short of 500 feet. I made a note of that when I submitted it and would have understood if it was not accepted. It was accepted. There are lots of FKTS on the site that do not meet the requirements. Bald Mountain (Old Forge, NY) | Fastest Known Time Highlawn Forest Trail (CT) | Fastest Known Time just to name a few. If every FKT that falls short of the requirements is taken off the site, I would have no objection to this one going with it. I was inspired to submit it because I grew up close to it. 

I agree with Aaron. I live within an hour of this trail and was quite surprised to see it here. While it's a fine short trail with a nice overlook, it's well below any objective standards to be recognized as an FKT route. Not to be harsh, but it's the kind of trail I would travel to do with my 5 year old son.

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I would also cast a third vote in agreement that this route should not be an FKT. It appears to have been submitted by someone who did not understand the guidelines of FKTs and perhaps by accident accepted during the acquisition by Outside? even though it does not meet guidelines? It appears to only have been repeated 5 times by the same person.

Perhaps more of a strava segment? 

I think FKTs should at a minimum have a regional level draw and be distinct challenges that are representive of the area. This one appears to not even draw locals to contest it?

Jason, I very much understand the guidelines of FKT and I'm learning more and more with every FKT I do, so, I have learned a lot since submitting this one in January. Like I wrote to Aaron, I knew it fell short when I submitted it. Because there were other ones like that on the site already, I felt it wasn't a hard rule, because it's not 100% enforced. So, if FKT as an organization decides to go through every FKT on the board and take off the ones that don't meet the requirements, I'd happily move forward, knowing it's a just system. But this isn't just. I submitted it, it was approved. 

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I appreciate your response here. Perhaps the other's and my perspective here is wrong and you are onto a great route here. Bravo on getting it accepted. Perhaps, It just feels a bit off that of the 7 recorded times on this 15 minute FKT you submitted, 6 are yours.

But perhaps I am being to critical, sometimes I do speak up too soon when something doesn't seem right. 

It seems you are just doing the best you can to contribute to the community here and inspire those around you. I apologize if my comment here felt heavy-handed. As context at the time of my writing this, myself and other experienced FKT'ers had seen a string of pretty terrible routes accepted at the time period in question, needless to say, it fueled this comment. 

In short, keep up the good work. Keep chasing what makes you feel alive, and inspires those around you!

with stoke,


I will say that as short as this loop is, it certainly has the coolest exposed cliff edge trail in the area that I've seen. I just wish more people would try it.