Route: White River State Trail (WI)

Submitted by Frank Valy on Tue, 05/12/2020 - 06:05pm
Wisconsin, US
21.88 mi
Vertical Gain
289 ft

The White River State Trail is a multi-use rail trail spanning almost 22 miles.  The trail is 2 sections with one part residing in Walworth County and the other in Racine County; a short run through Burlington connects the 2 sections. It offers a great country journey through woods and farm fields, crossing streams and rivers.  About 19 miles of this route will be crushed limestone with the remainder being pavement.  Parking is available at either end of this route.

This is the proposed path connecting through Burlington:

- Submitted by Frank Valy

GPS Track


This was a fun run.  I highly encourage anyone interested to go!

Is there an out and back FKT option?