Route: Worcester East-West Trail (MA)

Massachusetts, US
23 km
Vertical Gain
555 m

"The City's own 14-mile, cross-city hiking experience, connecting 20 Green Spaces with city streets and throughways for a challenging trek through Worcester's hills.

Extending from the shores of Lake Quinsigamond on Worcester's most Eastern boarder, the trail winds through city park, publicly accessible green space, and city street, taking the hiker across the city to Worcester's most Western boarder with Paxton and ending at the Cascades.

The trail traverses the Coal Mine Brook, Trinity Woods, Green Hill Park, Grant Square Park, Rural Cemetery, Institute Park, Salisbury Park, Newton Hill at Elm Park, Beaver Brook Park, Hadwen Arboretum, Knights of Columbus Park, Columbus Park, Coes Park, John J. Binienda Memorial Beach, Tetasset Ridge, John W. Spillane Field, Boynton Park, Cascades West, Cascades Park, and Cascading Water. "

-submitted by Iain Ridgway

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