Nov 27, 2020
A Woman's Place Is ... (The First in our new series)
Nov 24, 2020
Strava picked six of 2020's best FKTs, spoke to the athletes who set them and asked British artist Owen Delaney to help illustrate how impressive these runs really are.
Nov 22, 2020
What the heck does that mean?
Sep 20, 2020
Follow Jim Walmsley's Hardrock 100 FKT attempt
Jul 12, 2020
Jason Hardrath breaks down the “Shasta Picnic"
May 5, 2020
By George Brill
Apr 17, 2020
Guest Article by an experienced traveler!
Mar 24, 2020
How are runners managing?
Mar 13, 2020
Now is always the best time
Feb 10, 2020
Jason Hardrath is a prolific FKT'er