Route: Denali (AK)

Alaska, US

The highest peak in North America (20,310').  The FKT is up & back from Base Camp at 7,200'.

63.0691689, -151.0069842


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Would be cool to have a more complete historical listing of the speed records on this Peak, since it is one of the 7 summits

A fine idea Jason ... however don't think any of us can squeeze that in ... it would be a good project for you (or anyone)?  Just post it in the Comments - would be appreciated by all!

This is a super cursory list just from internet searches, but also point out that the rules for an FKT that " At least 50% of time must be running and/or hiking, vs. other sports." is problematic for this kind of route, because it means that Killian's 2014 record and Ed Warren's 2013 record don't count as "FKT's" since they skiied most of it.

Killian Jornet - Ascent 9:45 Round trip -11:45 - 2014 (Went up & down Rescue Gully, Used skis on both ascent & descent)

Ed Warren - Ascent 12:30? Round trip - 16:46 - 2013  ( - used skis)

Chad Kellog - Ascent -14:22 Round trip - 23:55 - 2003…

Alex Lowe - Ascent 18:30? 1995 (Maybe didn't summit?…)

Anatoly Boukareev - 10:30 Airstrip to summit Round trip - Under 24hrs - 1990 -

Galen Rowell & Ned Gillette - One day? - 1978


It doesn't look like I can go back and edit a post, but it should read:

Anatoli Boukreev - 10:30 etc..