Route: Hundred Mile Wilderness (ME)

Maine, US
Description  The Hundred-Mile Wilderness is the section of the Appalachian Trail running between Abol Bridge just south of Baxter State Park and Monson in the state of Maine. It is generally considered the wildest section of the Appalachian Trail,[1] and one of the most challenging to navigate and traverse. This section of the A.T. is crossed by several logging roads and is maintained by the Maine Appalachian Trail Club. It consists of a small corridor of protected wilderness surrounded by large tracts of public and private land controlled by paper companies. An increasing amount of the adjoining lands are being protected by groups like the Appalachian Mountain Club and the Nature Conservancy.

GPS Track


I wouldn't trust google maps to show the correct distance for a footpath. Look at the FKT reports. Rob Erskine's GPS track shows 95 miles. And, no, it does not go to Katahdin.

Hello! I wanted to officially declare that I'm going to attempt to set a new overall FKT for the Hundred Mile Wilderness section of the Appalachian Trail, starting at sun-up on Monday, Sept. 10th. I also wanted to humbly notify Rob Erskine, Josh Katzman, and Robert Rives that I will be attempting to break their records. I will be traveling SOBO, and I'll be unsupported. I plan to track my attempt using a SPOT tracker, and I'll post a public link to view my attempt, in real-time, this Sunday. I'll also be taking photos and videos to help verify my attempt, and I'll be sure to write a detailed report at the end. I also plan to share moments during the hike on my social media page, when I have cell reception. (Instagram - ElMatador.Witt) I plan to finish the section regardless of whether I fall off FKT pace or not. Thanks to those that did this before for the inspiration.


El Matador (Witt Wisebram) AT '03, PCT '15, CDT '17, AZT '17, NPT '18, Ultra-Marathoner

Hello everyone! So, I changed my plans to adjust for a storm that seems to be coming in the next couple of days. I will be starting my attempt today, 9.9.2018, at around 1:00pm. I will still be heading sobo from Abol Bridge to Monson. I have my SPOT set to track every 30 minutes, and I'll also be using STRAVA Beacon as a back-up. You can follow my progress on my public SPOT page here. I'll also be updating my instagram, @elmatador.witt, whenever possible. Wish me luck! 


El Matador

New unsupported FKT set! 34 hours 11 minutes and 55 seconds. Data and run report coming soon.  

Wow well done!  Can't wait to read the trail report.  What's next??

Could you also edit the run type from "Long Run" to "Race" in your Strava activity?  "Long Run" filters out sub-2mph pace and makes the analysis weird.

There are no recorded female times for this route, I believe I was first woman to go sub 48 hours. I completed the Hundred Mile Wilderness with my husband, gIANt Parlin, we received support at 6 locations. 

I started my sub-48hr supported attempt at 4:14am Saturday, September 15 at the Monson AT trailhead and completed the trail at 1:14am Monday, September 17 at the Abol Bridge trailhead. I received support at 7 locations. And yes, I crossed paths with Gnarls Barclay and gIANt Parlin about ten miles into the attempt and was happy to see another woman out there. I'm sure many more will follow as this is an excellent and worthy trail adventure! [My digital documentation is spotty however I have lots of photos and witnesses to my adventure and will write up a full blog post soon - link to follow.] 

Hi! I’m officially attempting the Unsupported Hundred Mile Wilderness FKT NoBo. I’m currently thru hiking the Appalachian Trail. I wanted to give a heads up that I will be attempting the FKT. I’m still unsure of exactly when I will start since I’m just about to reach the Vermont state line tomorrow. As of right now, I’m planning on starting in Monson either  7.13.19 or 7.14.19. I will be using my DeLorme inReach to track my attempt. I will be taking pictures/videos and post on my Instagram(rabbit.foot) story when I get service to verify my attempt besides the inReach. I will farther notify the start date and time once the time gets closer. I want to let Witt Wisebram know that I will be attempting to break record. 

Be in touch soon, 

Aubrey “Rabbit Foot” Dawson

I forgot to mention that I will also be using Strava as well for a backup while using my inReach.

Update: I will be doing my attempt on Tuesday the 9th at 3am. Had to move it sooner due to the weather for the next 3-4 days afterwards

I'm also publicly notifying the good sir erskine that his record is probably quite safe but I'll still do my best and likely only help underscore how impressive his 2013 run really was!

Hi all! I want to officially declare that I'm going to attempt to set a new unsupported FKT for the Hundred Mile Wilderness section of the Appalachian Trail, starting around 9AM on Thursday, Sept. 26. I want to humbly notify Witt Wisebram that I will be attempting to break his record. For this attempt, I will be traveling NOBO. I will be tracking my attempt using a Garmin InReach Mini, and will post the link to follow along on my journey. I will also be using Strava Beacon so I can have multiple forms of verification. Additionally, I'll be taking photos and videos of my attempt, and I'll write a detailed report at the end after some much-needed sleep. I’m inspired by all those that set current and previous records on this section of trail— thank you. I can’t wait to get back to those white blazes.

Happy trails,

Beaver/Danny Mejia

IG: danbrownontrail 

Hello! I will attempt to set the female unsupported FKT record starting early morning this upcoming Saturday (June 13, 2020) from Monson/Rt 15, heading north. I will be recording my route with a SPOT tracker and Gaia- I will post my spot tracker link shortly. Following the attempt, I will write up a detailed report and provide photo documentation. 

I want to acknowledge that I am definitely not the first womxn to complete this route unsupported, as AT hikers have been doing that for ages, but I am excited to have the opportunity to try to set the first "official" female unsupported fkt. Also, thank you Charlotte for your detailed report on your supported trip- it has provided much inspiration. 



On Sunday morning at 7am I left the trail at Jo Mary Road after experiencing left knee/IT band pain for the last 25 miles or so. I covered the 57ish miles in 25 hours, unsupported. I will write up my trail report and post it here, in an effort to share some of the knowledge learned from the trail:) I am excited to try for the record again at some point!

Hi everyone! Thank you for all of the inspiring efforts both for this section and on the site as a whole.

On Saturday June 20 between 6-9 am I will begin my attempt at an unsupported speed hike of the Hundred Mile Wilderness, north bound from route 15 to abol bridge. I’m not confident that I have what it takes for an FKT but I want to leave the door open to the possibility. 

Endless gratitude to Poet and Hippy Chick at Shaw’s hiker hostel- the true Hostel Kings of Maine. The15 hour days picking blueberries for the endless pancakes has provided me with the necessary cross training to make this a success. Living out of last years hiker box helped too. :) 

Big thanks to El Matador as well as Rob Rives and Jack Katzman for setting the bar and being all around super cool dudes. 

Also huge thanks and congrats to Katelyn Star Mann for paving the way for this attempt and being a general BA. 

A detailed report of my quarantine training cycle in Monson and breakdown of the event to follow.


Spot tracker:

ig: jstonejamie 

Hi y’all- I bailed at the KI road- about 50k in- heat in the 90s and tech problems pushed me to drop the effort. I am considering another attempt in the coming weeks. 

34 hrs is stout! El matador is king!!!

I keep messing this link up- on my first comment, click on the DNJJ section of the link and you will be able to view.

Hello all! I am making my attempt for first female unsupported on Aug 1st! Training in the heat lately is brutal but I’m sure it will pay off.