Route: Stirling Range Ridge Walk

Western Australia, AU
44 km
Vertical Gain
2,500 m

Stirling Range Ridge Walk (43km, 2500m elevation gain)

Start & Finish: Corner of Bluff Knoll Road and Chester Pass Road

The Stirling Range Ridge Walk is a challenging and spectacular hike. There’s something addictive about it which sees hikers return time and time again. With sufficient preparation (and a bit of luck with the weather) you will truly feel like you’ve gotten away from it all and experienced something magnificent.

Located within the Stirling Range National Park (Western Australia), this mountain range is 337km SE of Perth / 95km north of Albany. Over the course of the Stirling Range Ridge Walk you will hike 23km. However the trail is difficult and largely unmarked with no designated path.

Stirling Range Ridge Out and Back (30km, 3300m elevation gain)

Start & Finish: Bluff Knoll carpark

The out and back variation goes up the Bluff across to Ellen Peak to sign the book before turning around and returning to the start.


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20 Nov 2021- I went out with Rudi Smith, the current FKT holder, for a fun day out which makes this a supported effort. My time was 9 hours, 12 minutes, 19 seconds. It's not the quickest, but hopefully it inspires more people to give it a go with friends! Link to Strava

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The "Out and Back" course is something i have been planning for a long time. It was great to complete it with a crew in April 2024.  The course starts and finishes at the Bluff Knoll carpark (at the top of the stairs) and proceeds up to Bluff, across the ridge to Ellen Peak (Signing the book at the Scout tin next to the rock cairn) and then return back to Bluff across the top of the ridge, rather than heading down from Ellen Peak to the Northern firebreak. 

Total of 3,300m of elevation and a bit over 31km in total = Epic day out!!!