Route: Uinta Highline Trail (UT)

Utah, US

The Uinta Highline Trail runs the length of the high Uinta mountain range through the High Uintas Wilderness in northeastern Utah. It is a true wilderness trail, and does not intersect a road for at least 70 miles. The trail is around 100 miles long, but most backpacking trips are done over a 70 mile section between Chepeta Lake and Hayden Pass. A map of this section, which is entirely above 10,000 feet elevation, is here. A topo map is here.

Davy Crockett and Matt Watts set out to run this 70-mile section on August 4, 2007. Their trip was unsupported, which is probably the only practical way to do this route. Davy's detailed report gives an in-depth description of the route. Matt finished the run in 29h44m, with Davy coming in 14 minutes later.

Davy Crockett ran a longer (about 80 miles) route starting at the Leidy Peak TH in 33h19m on July 30-31, 2010. Subsequently, this longer route seems to be the "standard". Chad Brackelsberg did this route in 28h16m on August 29-30, 2010. Stephen Jones lowered the FKT to 27h41m49s on July 22, 2013. Chad Brackelsberg reclaimed the men's FKT (26h42m) and Emily Brackelsberg set the first women's FKT (27h24m) on August 31 - September 1, 2013. The pair ran together the Dead Horse Lake, then split up. Bret Ferrier and Travis Morrison brought the men's FKT down to 25h29m44s on July 23-24, 2016. And finally, Shane Hughes posted a slightly faster time (25h26m41s) on August 19, 2017. Each of these trips is reported below.




I can't figure out from the description if the standard route is 100 miles or 80 miles. Either way, Campbell's a beast.