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Coming to you every Friday: interviews with FKT-setters and other athletes in the world of Fastest Known Times.


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Category: Person-Person

A resident of Keene, NY, Ryan is one of the guys trading fast times on the Presi and Adirondack Traverses. They get after it, yet it's all one big friendly community.

"The previous record-holder came out and helped, making sure I knew the best ways to go."

His next project? 500 miles on fat bikes, unsupported, in winter, across Manitoba, on the "worlds longest winter road", the Wapusk Trail (Wapusk is Cree for "Polar Bear").  

"Our bikes with gear weigh 100 lbs. Last year we carried a shotgun."

Category: Person-Person

Brett came seemingly out of nowhere in 2009 when he set the coveted FKT on the John Muir Trail, going Unsupported 7 hrs faster than the Supported time.

"I think it took Barkley to convince some of the holdouts."

Category: Person-Person

The Te Araroa is amazing: from the northern to southern tip of New Zealand, across the entire island (2 actually) nation!  Lucy set the Female FKT, followed by George a mere 4 days later with the Male FKT, completely by coincidence. Lucy's tip for hiking 66 straight days?

"Go shove a heap of food in your face, then go again."

The four FKT principals discuss what specific gear really helped us all move faster, easier, and safer in the mountains and trails.  Our thoughts might surprise you, and hopefully they will also help you.

"This product straddles being the best and being the worst!"

We also discuss what did not work, and really interesting, what is coming next?

“20 years from now, when movies are made to have taken place in the 2010’s, they will show everyone walking around staring at their phones!”

Category: End of Year

We talk with the #2 and #1 Fastest Known Time of the Year winners!  They tell their own stories, which are amazing listening.

"I consider myself a relatively normal person without any particularly special skills. I simply had an idea and dedicated myself to training to make it happen."

(Find out what this person did - her definition of "normal" is very "relative"!)

From very long trails in the desert to the highest mountain on the continent, the stories are great:

Category: End of Year

Let's do this!

The #5, #4, and #3 FKTOY for ladies and gents. And EVERY one of these Athletes is on air - 8 people total!  Extremely interesting and inspirational - listen to these people in their own words.

"I have been chasing what makes me feel alive, what I see is possible, and what scares me...this FKT passion is about the experience, it is about the creativity, it’s about living in a way that’s “worth it” for my own values."

Category: End of Year

This year's FKTOY coverage is brought to you by the running apparel company, rabbit. Thanks for supporting the companies that support Fastest Known Times!

Five women and five men will be awarded for the best FKTs in 2019.  Who will they be?  Peter Bakwin (Episode 65) and Andrew Skurka (Episode 26) discuss what inspired them this year.

We created short selections from 7 of our best podcasts! Including our very first from September 2018. Each segment is only 3-11 minutes long.

630 FKTs this year (and more coming in every day) ... what's new and cool?  

"More women, and more women going solo on technical routes"

There were no big efforts this year on the big routes, like the AT, PCT, R2R2R, JMT ... the existing times are too fast!

"The low-hanging fruit has been plucked"

Who will be the FKTOY winners?  What do YOU think?

These two high intensity people run together, work together, and live together: how does that work?

"Unlike having a training buddy, being in a relationship is both wonderful and super super challenging."

I thought we were just going to talk about the good stuff?

"No, let's talk about the shitty parts!"