Route: Boise Grand Slam (ID)

Idaho, US
56 mi
Vertical Gain
13,000 ft

The Grand Slam Peaks are four peaks near Boise that I have used for Spring Training for many years. These peaks generally melt out early and offer an enjoyable range of hiking experiences for people anxious to get out in the mountains.

I generally climb the peaks starting with the lowest Cervidae Peak because it always melts out first. It is often snow free by mid-February. I then will tackle Kepros Mountain. Kepros offers ridge walking with great views. It is a 10-mile, up-and-down hike, which really will stretch your legs. As a bonus you can climb Peak 5380 that lies mid-way between the trail head and the summit of Kerpos.

Third on the list is Shaw Mountain (a.k.a. Lucky Peak). My favorite route for this peak is from ID-21 where the Highland Valley Road leaves the highway. I like to mountain bike this route because it makes the descent a pure joy. There is not a better place to view Boise than from the top of this peak.

Finally, Mount Heinen is the real test for your conditioning program. If you can climb Heinen and feel strong doing it, you are probably ready to tackle many taller peaks. If you take the standard route you will find it’s a real challenge and an extremely enjoyable route. Scroll down the page for links to extra innings peaks.

Here are links to two other takes on the Grand Slam Peaks Boise. Both are good reads:


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Could we clarify if the route as described requires running the ascents, or could someone ride up from 21 to Lucky Peak? I'm not sure if you can ride up Kepros but the question is similar.