Route: Devil’s Garden, Arches NP (UT)

Submitted by Lapo Mori on Mon, 08/31/2020 - 09:44am
Utah, US
7.89 mi
Vertical Gain
900 ft

Overview. The longest trail in Arches National Park, with amazing scenery in a quite remote setting, combined with side-trips to 8 named arches and the impressive Dark Angel monolith.

Need to Know. No water along the route and very limited shade.

Description (extracted from This featured run consists of first taking the busy Devils Garden Main Trail, then escaping the hordes by completing the Devils Garden Primitive Loop in the counterclockwise direction and returning to the parking lot on the Devils Garden Main Trail. From the Devils Garden trailhead, take the initially paved path over mostly level ground between rock fins. Almost immediately, a signed fork announces the turnoff for Tunnel Arch Trail and Pine Tree Arch Trail. Return to the Devils Garden Main Trail, heading northwest through more widely spaced rock fin valleys. Continue the primitive trail branching out to the Private Arch Trail on the left. Get back to the primitive loop trail and go out to the Dark Angel Trail, Partition Arch Trail, Navajo Arch Trail and Landscape Arch Trail before the final stretch back to the trail head.

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Hello! I love this route, such an accessible adventure. I will be attempting the FKT unsupported here between Sun 10/18/20 and 11/1/20. Looking forward to it!

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So does it have to be done in the CCW direction??

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Thanks for posting this and all the routes! This was a magical adventure. Maybe someday I'll be fast enough to get a FKT or at least a First Known Time.