Route: Hole to Hump (AZ)

Arizona, US
111 km
Vertical Gain
3,600 m

Adam Gifford posted the route:

The Hole-to-Hump is a run that starts at the Colorado River at the bottom of the Grand Canyon (elevation – 2500’) and ends at the summit of Mt. Humphreys (elevation – 12,633’ – Arizona’s highest point). The route starts by ascending up the South Kaibab Trail to the top of the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. From there is heads east on Desert View Drive where it leads to a vast network of Forest Service roads that head southeast to the base of Mt. Humphreys. The Mt. Humphreys summit trail is then taken to the summit and the end of the route. The route is somewhere between 80-90 miles long (depending on who you ask). That distance does NOT take into consideration the 7.5 miles that you need to hike down into the Grand Canyon just to get to the start. It also doesn’t take into consideration the 4.5 miles that you need to hike down Mt. Humphreys after reaching the summit. The main article about the run can be found here.
It doesn’t look like this run has been done completely unsupported due to the lack of water in the plains between the canyon and the mountain. The usual method is to use caches or a support vehicle or a combination of the two.
As far as I can tell here are the following finishing stats so far (PLEASE feel free to correct any of these or add to the list since my homework is far from exhaustive):
Scott Baxter/Alan Williams – 21hrs 26min (1982)
Mike Ehlerman - 20hrs 23min (1983 **CR**)
Mathieu Brown – 25hrs ??min (2008)
Adam Gifford/Jason Henrie - 26hrs 52min (2011)

Gifford also posted about his October 2011 run with Jason Henrie:

This past weekend Jason Henrie from Flagstaff and I complete this route in 26 hours 52 minutes. we were crewed by Scott Baxter who was the first person to complete this challenge. It was EXACTLY 30 years ago to the day that Scott completed this run, so the whole adventure had a very cool "passing of the torch" feel.
Regarding the FKT this is a different route than others have taken in the past. If you look at this as an open course point-to-point then this is obviously not a speed record. I don't know the exact route that Mathiew Brown took in 2008, but it had to be a bit different than ours since we took sections of the AZ Trail that were constructed less than a year ago.
There can be tons of debate on this, so the only public claim that I'll make is that we had a freakin' blast on this adventure and I can't wait to give it another go next year (we are planning on an all female H2H next year, and we'll probably have our time crushed ;D )


And Henrie added:

Here is a report from our run that includes a map of the course we took. Now you have no excuse...get out and run this thing! Bottom of the Grand Canyon to the top of the highest point in Arizona...sick!

Admin note: It seems reasonable to make this "open course." The New Hance and S Kaibab Trails have both been used for FKTs and various routes across the plateau are likely possible.

GPS Track


I'm looking at going for the the Mike Ehlerman FKT which includes running SKaibab & Humphreys Summit Trail as a Self Supported effort on Friday, June 4.  >> I did just see that James Bonnet is listed as the FKT holder... but when researching James B's route (via Strava), he didn't run SKaibab, but ran the New Hance trail to the river which shortens the run significantly on Desert View Road..  AND differs from the description of this FKT... So with a little confusion, I'm going to stick to the provided FKT description of the route vs making it an "open" pt to pt route.  >> I guess it's 2020, so everything has to be "controversial".. ;)

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Making an attempt tomorrow... we shall see!  If nothing else, it's always a good day when you get to see the Grand Canyon.

Tracking should be live starting ~noon at

Finished it!  Supported, 20:16, will submit soon.  Tough, crazy route, even harder with wind blasting the top of Humphreys, but I guess that's fairly normal for Hole to Hump FKT experiences!


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