Route: Illinois and Michigan Canal Trail (IL)

Submitted by Jason Crowe on Sun, 08/09/2020 - 10:36am
Illinois, US
88.93 mi
Vertical Gain
378 ft

The historic Illinois and Michigan Canal was built in 1848, connecting Lake Michigan and the Chicago River to the Illinois River and the Mississippi River.  Over the years the canal is no longer used for industry purposes, but has become a landmark for it's 88.93 I&M Canal Trail Passage. The I&M Trail begins in Willow Springs, IL heads south towards Joliet and Rockdale then west to LaSalle, IL.  The I&M Trail is mostly limestone and dirt as it passes through many small historical towns in northern Illinois, USA.  The trail itself is beautiful in many sections and the wildlife along the way provides for an epic journey for many people who chose to hike, run, bike or even camp along the trail all year long.


We stopped short at 70 miles. Rainy night ended up in blistered feet!  Had a great time though and I really encourage people to go take a shot at this trail!