Route: Lake Geneva Shore Path (WI)

Wisconsin, US
22 mi
Vertical Gain
300 ft

The Wisconsin Explorer blog describes Lake Geneva Shore Path this way:

"The Lake Geneva Lake Shore Path is a 21 mile trail of clever, unique, and unforgettable hiking. It is a 2 foot wide single track footpath encircling Geneva Lake that meanders through the yards of historic and modern estates.

It is a hiking trail - a world class hiking trail - yet a hiking trail of such unique character  that it becomes instantly  memorable. If you take the time to walk its full length or even a small segment of it you will own enduring memories for a lifetime. A walk on this trail is a watercolor master work come to life."

According to Peter Hubbard (5/15/2013):

There's a race every year called the Euro Marathon that's part of the Lake Geneva Marathon Events. It was supposed to be this past weekend (5/11/13) but sounds like it was cancelled. The FKT from the historical race results appears to belong to Matthew Krump from 2011 who ran a 2:18:40 (6:19 pace). I've run this a couple times, once with my wife and once this past winter in the snow. It is truly unique and beautiful, in a man-made sort of way. If you get a chance to do it, I would recommend it.

Lake Geneva Euro Marathon course:

Any supported male FKT attempt on this trail should target Krump's pace.

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