Route: Mount Kimball (AZ)

Submitted by d_hedges on Thu, 03/18/2021 - 01:28pm
Arizona, US
9.35 mi
Vertical Gain
4,240 ft

Mount Kimball is one of the most prominent and accessible peaks along the Catalina skyline north of Tucson. For these reasons and because Finger Rock Canyon trail is so vertical and intense, Mount Kimball acts as Tucson's mountain running proving ground. Climbing the narrow rocky trail fast is one thing, but turning around and sending it back to Tucson is what makes this FKT so thrilling. By way of description, writes that "Mt. Kimball is one of the highest peaks along the southern front of the Santa Catalina Mountains. The Catalinas rise just north of Tucson, Arizona, and their forested summits often carry winter snow while far below, Tucson is warm. Like many of its neighbors, Mt. Kimball is a 'sky island' - its lower slopes are desert, and only as you climb higher do thicker vegetation and forests begin to appear. Although it does not present a forbidding face from most directions, Kimball still towers almost a vertical mile above Tucson and is a long, steep day trip for many hikers. The summit of Mt. Kimball also provides spectacular views into the heart of the Catalinas and of the surrounding southern Arizona desert." 


David Hedges Flagged 2h 4m 38s


We have flagged David Hedges' FKT because the trail was closed at the time of the FKT, and continues to be closed, due to the aftermath of the Bighorn Fire. Finger Rock Trail #42 is open only from the trailhead to 1.5 miles up from the trailhead. The FKT route went several miles beyond this point into closed FS land.  FKT attempts should always respect local regulations.
NFS alerts and notices:
Trail closure effective at the time of the FKT: Order Number: 03-05-05-21-013:
Updated trail closure effective April 1, 2021: Order Number 03-05-05-21-016: