Route: River to River Trail (IL)

Illinois, US


The River to River Trail is a 160 mile (256 km)-long hiking trail that serves Shawnee National Forest in far southern Illinois. The trail is used by both equestrians and hikers. About half is on off road trails. Its eastern terminus has historically been Battery Rock, overlooking the Ohio River but now generally Elizabethtown, Illinois is used as the eastern terminus. The western terminus is in Grand Tower, Illinois, at the Mississippi River. Sections of the River to River Trail form part of the Southern Section of the American Discovery Trail.[1][2]

37.4942419, -88.8477913


Hey All! I believe that I am supposed to state my intentions at an FKT attempt? So myself and 3-5 others are going to attempt a new Unsupported FKT on the R2R Starting May 23 or 24th, 2018.