Route: Tam to Diablo (CA)

California, US

Submitted by David Von Stroh:

Starting at Stinson Beach, this route links Mt Tam with Mt Diablo, the two most significant summits for runners in the Bay Area.  Any route may be used, but Von Stroh recommends the following (105km):

Start at sand's edge behind Siren Cafe in Stinson Beach, go up Dipsea Trail to Cardiac, over to Pantoll, then along Matt Davis and Nora to West Point Inn. Then take the Railroad Grade Fire Trail to the Mt. Tamalpais summit. From the summit lookout tower, take the scramble down to the paved trail and then connect over to the "widow maker" descent (where the sign says trail ends in 400 feet). The Widowmaker crosses Eldridge Grade Trail and Indian Fire Trail several times until connecting with Blithedale Ridge Trail. Follow that until dropping into Larkspur on the neighborhood streets to connect with the paved bike path that goes along the canals through Corte Madera. Continue across the bike path to reach the Larkspur Landing Ferry, follow Sir Francis Drake past San Quentin and along the freeway shoulder bikepath briefly to go under the freeway to access the Richmond San Rafael Bridge. From the far side of the bridge cross over into Point Richmond and then through city streets to get to Alvarado Staging Area (route followed Cutting, Marina, MacDonald, 25th, Barrett, 32nd, and then McBride). From Alvarado Staging Area, turn uphill on Belgum Trail and continue along the ridgeline towards Nimitz Way until the EBMUD gate for Eagle's Nest trail, which drops you down to San Pablo Reservoir. Follow Old San Pablo Dam Road Trail until turning on Bear Creek Trail to head up to the Briones Overlook Staging Area. Continue on Bear Creek trail to the dirt parking lot and then follow the road up to Briones Park and Bear Creek Staging Area. Entering into the park, follow Seaborg Trail and then connect with Lafayette Ridge Trail through the undulating hills and down to Lafayette Ridge Staging Area. Follow the neighborhood streets (Stanley and Springbrook) to connect with Mt Diablo Blvd under the freeway. Follow Mt Diablo Blvd through downtown Walnut Creek until it becomes Walker Ave and then turn on Homestead Ave to get to Howe Homestead Park. From Howe Homestead, follow the foothills trail system until reaching Stage Rd. Follow Stage Rd until finally turning uphill on Burma Rd. Cross North Gate Rd (an actual road, not fire trail) and continue on the steepest part of Burma Rd and follow it all the way to Juniper campground. From the far end of the campground, take Juniper Trail up to the lower summit parking lot. Then continue uphill to the true Diablo summit.


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