Route: Five Peaks Traverse (OR)

Oregon, US
36.9 mi

The "Five Peaks Traverse" is a mountaineering project that links the summits of Mt. Bachelor, Broken Top and South, Middle and North Sister in the Cascade Mountains of Oregon.

GPS Track


Yaaaasss! Justin James-Long! Dude, again such a stellar effort!

I see this is listed as the "standard route." Have people tried bagging the 5 peaks for speed using alternative routes? I feel like there are more direct routes to climb all 5, I'd be curious to give a more direct route a go!

No.. FKT doesn’t know the standard route.. The standard route most ppl do is from North to South. Or other direction South to North.  I devised a New route with Mitch Thompson that is less time consuming & easier more efficient. But there is no easy way when U climb all 5 in a day.

Note to admin: it seems this should be considered "open course" instead of "standard route" 

As long as you start on cascade lakes Hwy or pole creek TH & finish on one or the other it’s an Open Course. Plus tag every top point of those summit peaks or it’s not considered a summit. 🏔🏔🏔🏔🗻  

Or if you at least project some part of your body above that summit top point then it’s a True/Legit Summit. Three Sisters Wilderness requires a permit now to summit any of these legally.. So Don’t forget to purchase/Reserve your permit before attempting any of these mountains & be sure to show a picture of the permit so there’s proof U climbed legally otherwise the Fkt won’t count. Register an emergency radio beacon!🚨 Good luck out there, Be Safe & Smart & have fun!