Route: Virginia Capital Trail (VA)

Virginia, US
51 mi
Vertical Gain
1,000 ft

The Virginia Capital Trail is a bike path running about 51 miles from Williamsburg/Jamestown to Richmond, VA. Although many of the efforts pre-2021 included it, officially the FKT does not include the "spur" which runs .6 miles north of the bridges to Great Shiplock Park, the trail runs between mile marker 0 and mile marker 51.2 and does not go to 51.7. The GPX below is accurate. 

Jon Olszyk posted some notes on the route:

1. If you are going to run this as I did (solo, self-supported), be prepared for the sheer amount of mileage between the places to get water/food.
Pay attention to the website, as they get the mileage almost exactly right, but could use a few tweaks (see #3 below). Definitely water stops at Mile 7ish (Campground), around 19.5 (convenience store),
almost Mile 40 (Dairy Queen, Gas station/convenience store), then at like 44 (Convenience store, across the street is a Food Lion grocery store), 48 (7-11 convenience store) and 50 (more of sit down restaurants). BRING A HYDRATION BLADDER OR PACK FOR THAT STRETCH FROM 20-40

2. **Do NOT rely on the convenience store at Mile 13 to be open. According to a local I encountered, they have some weird hours. I hit it on a Sunday morning, so that probably didn't help, but he said it can be hit and miss for whatever reason. Also, the "store" at Mile 36 was closed when I got there (again, it was a Sunday, so that might have had something to do with it), but it only appeared to be soda, water and some ice cream type place. No real food to speak of.

3. Magnificent history. So many historical markers, plantations and historical churches along the route.

4. The "Trail" is a double wide paved bicycle path in VERY good condition. There is only one stretch thru the Charles City Courthouse complex that is really on the road, but it's not a very widely used road...Nice people at that church right down the street, too.

5. The end of the trail is about 100 yards at most from bars/restaurant and the Richmond Main Street Amtrak station (if you need a ride back to Williamsburg).

6. Expect to see both serious cyclists and families out there riding it. Kind of cool. Everyone was super friendly. Saw a few other runners doing short segments but again, expect vast stretches where you are alone. Most of the mile markers are DEAD ON. You won't see the one at Mile 7 (its actually on the bridge) and I think the one at 44 is a little bit short. If you see it, just keep going to the store, which is about 1/8 on the right.

If you have questions about the trail, Feel free to reply on here and I will be happy to share my info with you so we can discuss.


Will be attempting the "Dub Cap" starting this Friday morning.

Solo, self-supported "Double" of the route.
105+ Miles
Jamestown/Williamsburg to Richmond and then turning around and coming back.
Will probably sleep on side of path as given the remote nature of the path in places and the fact that the "stores" close around 9pm, any food/water will be very very hard to come by between 9pm and about 7am.

I will post official start time on the board Friday am. Will have watch(es) with GPS on.

This was an epic fail. Suffered from massive blistering and bailed after getting to Richmond. Wound up walking last 20 miles and called it off. Never had blistering this bad on both feet. Still trying to figure out what happened there. Oh well!

I'll be attempting a one-way supported FKT on 4/18/2020 starting from Brown's Island in Richmond and heading east. I'll be having a friend meet me at two points along the route to refill water and nutrition. 

I’m attempting a solo self-supported fkt from Richmond to Williamsburg on 4/18/2020. James alum, curious why you’re starting at Brown’s Island? 

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I will be attempting a solo supported FTK from Williamsburg to Richmond this Saturday 4/25/20

I’ll be attempting a supported out and back FKT on 6/13/2020. Richmond - Williamsburg - Richmond. 

I will be attempting a supported one way FKT on 20-Mar-2021 from Richmond to Williamsburg. Targeting a 7:20 AM start time.

Will be attempting solo / unsupported attempt from Richmond to Williamsburg 4/17/21. 6AM start time.

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I'll be making my unsupported FKT tomorrow around 7 am. Not thrilled about the temp (~30 d) at the start, but I'll be aiming for an out and back time of 5h 30 min. 

Hello! I will attempt a supported, one-way FKT on Tuesday, January 25, 2022 from Richmond to Williamsburg. I will target a 10:00am start time. 

Will attempt supported out and back 12/20/22 starting at 7am