Route: Flagstaff Loop Trail (AZ)

Arizona, US
45 mi

The Flagstaff Loop Trail seems to be still in process, but there appears to be enough on the ground for people to begin reporting FKTs. ~45 miles

Detailed ArcGIS map:

Note added 11/30/2020:   Defining this route is somewhat difficult as the entire loop is not complete as proposed. There are sections where there are proposed routes and interim routes until the proposed routes are complete. Both of these are clearly marked on the master map for the Flagstaff Loop Trail (the ARCIS map linked above). To complete the Flagstaff Loop Trail the runner should follow either the proposed or the interim route. We have flagged some past FKTs for failing to run the correct route. Both cut off a short distance in the Ft. Tuthill area just before crossing under Interstate 17. It is not a huge error but one that cut 0.3-0.4 mile off the proposed route, and cuts through private property. There are use trails and powerline cuts in the area which were used but it is not the official route, and certainly cutting across private property is not allowed.

This route will likely evolve as time goes on, and we will appreciate updated information from people who know about it.




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OK, gotta try it.  I'm starting tomorrow morning from the highway 89 underpass, going clockwise.  Fully aware that I'm leaving the most technical stuff for the end (unless there's a surprise in one of the sections I haven't scouted).  I'm attempting to follow Austin's route, except I saw some fairly major construction going on at the I-17 underpass so I'll be staying on streets over to Tuthill.  Looking forward to more awesome running in beautiful Flag, regardless of how long it takes me to get around the loop!

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I'm planning to try this on Monday July 13! I'll be starting near the airport. Does anyone know/care if this is run CW vs CCW?

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I made a bid a couple weeks ago and got lost and ran out of water >_<

I'll be trying again tomorrow, July 25. I'll be running unsupported and CCW starting near FLG airport. 

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I'm attempting a supported female FKT on this route tomorrow, Saturday May 1. I'll run CCW starting and ending where the Loop Trail crosses Old Walnut Canyon Road.