Route: Great Smoky Mountains Peak Loop (NC, TN)

Tennessee, US
North Carolina, US
30 mi

A roughly 26 mile loop connecting several prominent trails in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park (Alum Cave, Boulevard) as well as parts of the Appalachian Trail. See link for description.

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Ashley Blake and Joshua Scott are attempting, as an unsupported mixed gender team, an FKT of this route on Feb 8th, 2019 weather permitting.

Congrats guys! Christine and I will have to give it another shot sometime!

Honorable mention goes to William "Cola" Wells & Julie Doll, who ran the route on 4/4/2019 in 6h47m49s, but did not close the loop by running the 1.8 mile road section.

Wells reported:  "Perfect morning for a morning in the mountains. A little bit of snow up around Mt. LaConte and Ice Spring Water Shelter but perfect trails the rest of the way."