Route: Teton Circumnavigation (WY)

Wyoming, US
34 mi
Vertical Gain
8,000 ft

Matt Hart established a new route circumnavigating the Teton Range of Wyoming, that looks to be an instant classic. It is 33.7 miles with 8,165 feet of gain (according to the topo). Matt did a scouting run with friends, and then two days later (July 29, 2008) ran it for speed in 6h29m.

People are attracted to good ideas. The paint had barely dried on Hart's FKT for the Teton Circuit when the mark was bettered by Idahoans Luke Nelson and Evan Honeyfield, 6h10m11s on September 13, 2008. Like Hart, Nelson and Honeyfield started at the Lupine Meadows parking lot and ran counter-clockwise. Their report gives the following splits along the way:
- Hurricane Pass 2h15m3s
- Buck Pass 2h56m55s

On 17 September 2009, Evan Honeyfield went back and blasted the circuit in 5h34m31s.

The next time I do it I think I might slow down and take in some of the incredibly awesome scenery!! -- Luke Nelson



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I'm planning to attempt this loop tomorrow, "attempt" because there is still a lot of snow up high.  I'll be carrying foot traction and an axe, and will be doing it supported so my husband can accompany me partway and help schlep gear.  I'll also be going CW starting from Death Canyon TH to get up on the snow early so hopefully it won't be too soft across Alaska Basin.  We'll see!  Tracker map will be on:

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That. was. awesome.

This is a spectacular route, gorgeous and varied from start the finish.  A lot like doing a section of Hardrock, just a bit lower elevation.  Currently there is still a lot of snow; ice axe strongly recommended in the section below Static Peak.  Alaska Basin is full of snow and requires navigation.  The snow was in good condition yesterday morning, not too hard or soft.  Great fun but quite slow (at least for me).

I'm amazed at the men's times on this loop, even if the trail was completely dry.  It's a hefty challenge.  I'm also amazed there haven't been any women reported doing this FKT in the past 10 years.  Would love to see someone come crush my time.  But maybe wait until the trails are clear...


I’m going to give this route a go tomorrow. We’ll see how it goes cus similar to Marcy, it’ll depend on snow conditions. 

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I am up in the Grand Teton National Park area this week, I will make an attempt at either this FKT male unsupported time, or the Teton Crest FKT. These mountains are mind-blowing and wild! If I fail this attempt, I’ll be back again. I onsited this trail head yesterday.