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Athlete Route Start date Style Status
Amy Sproston Jordan Trail (Jordan) Supported Complete - new FKT!
Lindsey Weaver C&O Canal Towpath (MD to DC) Supported Complete - new FKT!
Scott Sambucci Western States 200 (CA) Supported DNF
Lauren Jones Pinhoti Trail (AL, GA) Supported DNF
Dan Barger Western States 200 (CA) Supported Not yet started

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  • Isaac Gillman:
    Bike from Stellar Brew > Swim across Lake George > Run up and climb Crystal Crag > Then reverse back to Stellar
  • JJXtreme:
    If someone is that sure of themselves then they would go & do it again & make sure it’s recorded/Legit... All these ppl that claim this & that.. it really gets old! Where’s the proof right”!??   Now I know some guys who are planning to… read more »
  • brijaskot:
    Attempting this run around Hood tomorrow! Shooting for the women’s unsupported fkt. Getting stoked to experience all sides of this gorgeous mountain! 
  • JJXtreme:
    Noamchom.. It’s just funny when ppl claim things that aren’t true.... 
  • Ryan Williams:
    It seems that for the most part the FKT routes do not summit East Quarry or Straightback North (other than Bill Tidd's).  All but the earliest female FKT's omit these mountains.  They are not required by the Belknap Sportsman's Club but were… read more »