Athlete: Piotr Babis



Fastest Known Times the athlete has set; possibly historical. Check out each route to see its current FKT.

Route Route Variation Style Time Date
Mt Anne Loop 32km Unsupported 5h 4m 19s
Larapinta Trail Standard route Unsupported 2d 5h 50m 42s
Hazards Traverse Standard route Unsupported 2h 6m 8s
Frenchmans Cap up & back Unsupported 6h 14m 36s
Southern Ranges - Precipitous Bluff - South Coast Circuit Point to Point Unsupported 1d 11h 2m 11s
Freycinet Peninsula Circuit Standard route Unsupported 2h 33m 2s
Mt. Ossa out & back from Arm River Unsupported 4h 24m 0s
Tasmanian Trail Standard route Supported 3d 23h 27m 0s
Cradle Mountain Sea to Summit Standard route Supported 9h 55m 5s
Overland Track out & back Supported 1d 7h 19m 29s
Namchee Bazar to Everest Base Camp return Standard route Self-supported 15h 44m 0s
Fansipan Standard route Unsupported 3h 25m 42s
Sulphur Mountain (AB, Canada) descent Unsupported 17m 52s