Route: So Cal Triple Crown (CA)

California, US
50 mi
Vertical Gain
22,000 ft

Brett Maune proposed the challenge ("hard" version):

A couple years ago I ascended the tallest peak in each of the three prominent SoCal mountain ranges (Baldy, San Jacinto, and San Gorgonio) via 'hard' routes. The stats are roughly 22k ft gain and 50 miles in 21 hours 56 min. Details of the route and trip can be found here:

I haven't heard of anyone else doing this (or a variation). Please speak up if you have or have heard of others doing it!

I chose the trails with the most elevation gain up each mountain while selecting descent routes which minimized the elevation loss (I like my knees). This algorithm led to the following routes:

Mount Baldy: Ascend via Bear Flat trail (Baldy Village) and descend via ski lifts to parking lot. Gain/Loss ~6000/3000 ft, miles ~11, summit elevation 10,064 ft.

Mount San Jacinto: Ascend via Cactus 2 Clouds and descend via tram. Gain/Loss ~10,500/2500 ft, miles ~23, summit elevation 10,834 ft.

Mount San Gorgonio: Ascend via Vivian Creek trail (Note, I have since learned of the Momyer trail which has a few hundred feet more gain. Oops! Guess I need to do it again!) and descend via same route. Gain/Loss ~5600/5600 ft, miles ~16, summit elevation 11,499 ft.

Total stats: Gain/Loss ~22,100/11,100 ft, miles ~50.

The "Easy" version is as follows:

Mt.Baldy (via Sierra Ski hut trail out and back from gate at trailhead), San Gorgonio (vivian creek trail out and back) and San Jacinto (top of tram to house at summit out and back). This is suppose to be a total of 40 miles but my Garmin captured 36.4 miles.


Mark Massengill propose an "Intermediate" version:

Start @ Mt,Baldy Village, Bear Canyon Trailhead, ascend 5,650' to summit Mt. Baldy, descend same (13 mi. total)
Drive 60 mi. to VIvian Creek Trailhead, ascend 5,606' to summit Mt. San Gorgonio, descend same (17.7 mi. total)
Drive 64 mi. to Devil's Slide Trailhead, Humber Park, Idyllwild, ascend 4,125' to summit Mt. San Jacinto, descend same (15.5 mi. total)
Totals: 15,381' ascent, 15,381' descent, 46.2 miles/foot, 124 miles/car
I'm submitting this "intermediate" version because it eliminates any lift or tram travel present in the "easy" version, and eliminates the monster of the C2C2C section of the "hard" version.

Note that ALL ABOVE VARIATIONS INCLUDE DRIVE TIMES! As is standard for any FKT the clock does not stop until you are done!

If you don't like driving, try Christopher Ferrier's "hard, on foot" version (this is the version on our map, 216 miles, 39000 feet of elevation gain):

Inspired by the automobile-linked So Cal Triple Crown (CA) challenge originally proposed by Brett Maune in 2015, this route connects the three prominent 10,000' peaks in SoCal on foot in the "hard" fashion, meaning maximum vertical gain and loss options were selected. Start at the intersection of Bear Canyon Rd and Mount Baldy Rd in Mount Baldy Village. Ascend Bear Canyon Trail to Mt San Antonio / Mt Baldy peak. Take N Backbone Trail. Go right, southbound on the PCT. Do an out and back from the PCT to tag Mt San Gorgonio via Fish Creek Trail / Sky High Trail. Continue south on the PCT to Mt. San Jacinto. Descend Skyline Trail. End at Skyline TH in Palm Springs. Summit photos with character are strongly encouraged with your trip report.  Completing this route in the reverse direction is also acceptable. 



Anyone know of any attempts without the use of vehicle or bike?

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I am planning to attempt the triple crown by foot and bike starting this Friday, July 2. route plan: 

Start at Deer Springs Trailhead on San Jacinto Friday afternoon and climb San Jacinto... then bike to San Gorgonio, Vivian creek trailhead and climb that route.

then bike to Mt. Baldy, san Antonio falls trailhead and climb baldy via the sierra club ski hut route.

FYI, for anyone considering it, I did complete the triple crown with bike and foot on July 2-3, 2021. report here:

32 hours. biking in the cities in between the mountains was not great, but all the actual mountain stuff is awesome as always. I submitted my route and I'm waiting to see whether FKT will accept it as a variant on the current listed routes. If any one else has done this, it would be fun to hear. I know I could shave a lot of time off this one (I had SUPER HOT weather, 2 flat tires, etc.).