Podcast: Episode 171: FKTOY - Hillary Allen rates the contenders!


49 people from around the world have been Nominated for the Fastest Known Time Of the Year award!  Wow.  Let's talk about it with Hillary.

"Can you believe this guy?  He not only did the 58 Colorado fourteeners, but he walked the entire distance between them, with no support!"

"I really like what Kelly is doing - she ran Gannet Peak by herself, which is high, remote, and technical."

"Great to see Hong Kong on the List. And 5,000 meters of vert?  That's over 16,000 feet in a city that's on the ocean!"

"I'd never heard of the Larapinta Trail, but I liked what she wrote: 'Hot, remote, wild; very Aussie in experience.'"

Interesting!  So definitely go to the Nominations List to click on the route name, and see photos and read stories written by the athletes themselves.  This is your world bucket list of cool routes to do.

And the Top Ten have now been revealed (after the podcast was recorded) - what do YOU think (leave a Comment):

Podcast Schedule

12/31/2021: We catch up with Hillary, and review the year.

1/7/2022 (This one):  We discuss the FKTOY contenders

1/14/2022:  We announce the #5 and #4 winners (Female and Male)

1/21/2022:  Announce the #3 and #2 winners

1/28/2022:  Announce the #1's 

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