Route: 4 Highest Peaks in Texas (TX)

Texas, US

"vgeh" posted:

I plan on summiting 4 tallest peaks in Texas during my road trip by end of Dec, 2017. The 4 tallest peaks in Texas are located within the Guadalupe Mountains National Park. 4 peaks are Guadalupe peak, Bush Mtn, Shumard and Bartlett Peak. Although the prominence of 3 peaks are not really significant, the offtrail route to reach the summit in Texas terrain adds some challenge. 
Here is the only attempt I have come across so far.
Any attempts or thoughts? 

"vgeh" did report completing the project (sometime in Dec. 2017):

Sorry for late follow up. Here is the trip report

4 tallest Peaks time: 11 hours 28 minutes
4 tallest peaks and 6th tallest(Hunter's peak): 14 hours 23 minutes
4 tallest peaks and 6th tallest(Hunter's peak) loop back to the Pine Springs trailhead: 16 hours 42 minutes. 

The Google photos linked to the report has unaltered times but due to the time zone conversion the time can be confusing. The hike was in Mountain Time Zone and my garmin fitness tracker was also in Mountain Time Zone. However when I uploaded the photos, I was back in Indiana so the photos took the Eastern Time. There is a two hours time difference. I used alltrails to record my hike and here is the pic showing the total time  [broken]

31.9295595, -104.8802265


On Saturday, February 16 I'll be attempting an unsopported fkt on this route, including Hunter Peak

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On Saturday, March 26, 2022. Laura Lundell and I will attempt to capture the unsupported mixed gender FKT of the 4 highest peaks (plus Hunter Peak).

On Saturday, May 28, 2022, Lance Aldridge, Anneke Thompson and I will attempt the unsupported mixed gender FKT of this route, the 4 highest peaks in Texas (including Hunter Peak).  We are excited for the adventure!