Route: Ruby Crest Trail (NV)

Nevada, US
36 mi
Vertical Gain
9,100 ft

The route begins at Harrison Pass Rd on the southern end and traverses the Ruby Mountain Range terminating at the parking lot in Lamoille Canyon below Liberty Pass. It covers 36-37 miles and gains 10,889ft.

See comments on Bryan McCombs' Strava activity and Erik Schulte's Strava activity for more discussion on the route.


I am planning to go for the overall FKT on the Ruby Crest  Trail on Sunday Sep 20. Running from South to North. I got lucky and will have my sister drive out from Provo to help do the shuttle. Better than having to bike 65 miles back to my car after doing the run. I think that Davids time is quite strong. Should take everything I've got to have a shot at it. Will be aiming to put out a full race effort on the route. Haven't done it before, but using GAIA, and a little luck I should manage to stay on course. Plan to start from Harrison Pass around 7-7:30am. Will drop a comment here after whether or not I get the time. 

I came up short on the FKT this past weekend. I started out a bit hot. On the strava flyby you can see exactly how I did compared to David, My biggest lead was 11.5 minutes. After about 12 miles my lead slowly shrank. I was ahead until mile 28. The final 9 miles were not good for me. Bonky, and very slow on the final descent. I ended up with a time of 6:48, 20 minutes slower than David. I would definitely do this trail again. It was awesome. The perfect blend of smooth, technical, mountains, lakes, deserts, and distance. Everyone should try to run this route at some point. 


Kudos to David for seriously running the perfect way when he put up his 6:28. Incredibly even paced. Not easy to do as is evidenced by all the other people including me, who have tried it. 

Long time observer, first time poster.  I'll be attempting an out and back of the RCT starting from Harrison Pass tomorrow, 9/26/2020.  I've never been on the trail before, but I'm excited for the new trail, suffering, and adventure.  I'm planning to be unsupported.  Woo!

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Wouldn’t mind getting a crew organized for this one.  I know this area well, but not sure about a FKT.  Maybe next season!

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I will be attempting the Out- and-Back FKT on the weekend of June 15,2024.