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Athlete Route Start date Style Status
Jenny Hoffman Trans America Run (USA) Supported DNF
Guillaume Arthus Via Alpina, Red Trail (Slovenia, Italy, Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, France, Monaco) Self-supported Complete - new FKT!
Dmitry Postnov Sary Tau Trail (Russia) Self-supported Complete - new FKT!
Amy Lamprecht Tasmanian Trail (TAS, Australia) Unknown Complete - new FKT!
Helen Galerakis Arizona Trail (AZ) Supported Complete - new FKT!
Oleg Chernov Primorska Planinarska Transverzala (Montenegro) Self-supported Complete - new FKT!
Alex Elizabeth Superior Hiking Trail (MN) Supported Complete - new FKT!
Lucy Clark Te Araroa (NZ) Supported In progress
Scott Loughney, Ryan Wagner Everest Mailrun (Kathmandu-Everest Base Camp, Nepal) Supported In progress

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  • aik818:
    I agree...amazing accomplishment by Tom!  And I love that he did it under the radar, without any recognition.  Respect!  I was talking with Jenelle a lot over the last few days, as we were trying to figure out when the mileage additions were made to… read more »
  • Kevin Kotur:
    Hey folks, I'm attempting to set an unsupported FKT on the Wabash Trace Nature Trail tomorrow! Follow it here if you'd like:
  • pbakwin:
    Jenelle Potvin gave some more details on Tom  Flahavan's excellent 2012 supported run (45h34m, Aug 3-5, 2012): Tom Flahavan ran the entire TRT, fully supported with pacers and crew, in the 2nd fastest time as of August 5, 2012.… read more »
  • ShiningSpeidel:
    Go get it John!! 
  • Magda Boulet:
    Hey Friends!  I'm planning to go for the supported FKT tomorrow morning starting at 6am! I'll be starting from Big Meadows Campground and will go clockwise just like Krissy in 2015.  Looking forward to spending some fun miles on the trail with my… read more »