Route: Cape Cod Traverse (MA)

Massachusetts, US
64.66 mi
Vertical Gain
1,650 ft

The route officially begins at Sagamore Bridge which crosses the cape cod canal. the route passes through Sandwich, MA following Route 6A through Barnstable, MA then into Dennis, MA. The route from here continues along Route 6A through Brewster, MA (Passing through Nickerson State Park witch contains several state Campgrounds) until it reaches Orleans, MA. From Orleans, the route connects to the Cape Cod Rail Trail (a scenic biking/ walking path) the Rail Trail passes through Eastham, MA and ends in Wellfleet, MA. It is possible to hit the rail trail already at Nickerson Park for a safer path over the highway but then you miss the opportunity for purchases at Shaws. From Wellfleet you follow Route 6 through Cape Cod National Seashore State Park. When you reach Truro, MA you get back onto Route 6A continuing through Truro and passing East Harbor. Following Route 6A you hit the final major town in Cape Cod, Provincetown MA (home of Dunes Edge Campground among others. From Provincetown, you either follow Route 6A or cut straight through downtown Provincetown via Commercial Street until you dead end in Pilgrims' First Landing Park. You will cross the Provincetown Causeway a stone barrier dividing the Provincetown harbour with Beautiful views of downtown. You will reach Wood End Park where you walk along the beach Finally arriving at Long Point Lighthouse, Marking the Official end of the Traverse. The entire traverse is 63.1 miles, and passes through almost every major town in Cape Cod, MA. Additionally, the Traverse has easily distinguishable beginning and ending points. 

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What is the FKT on this route?  

13:53:21 Self- Supported, we actually just did it yesterday 5/30/20 . Should be posted soon. You should go for it !!! Great Route for summertime 

I will be attempting this route on Friday. Gonna attempt to go unsupported but of course things could change making it a self supported attempt 

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Did you start on Sandwich Road or on the bridge itself?

I'm hoping to run this route Oct 10 or 17 and while I dont think I'll come close to either of your times, I still want to make sure I run the route in full. Any other tips or thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

Attempting supported on 5/14!

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I'm planning to try this self-supported on Mon, June 5, 2023. Two questions:

(1) How long is the time window around low tide to access the Provincetown causeway?

(2) It looks like the posted GPX route crosses the Cape Cod bike trail at Nickerson park, but stays on 6A for another ~1/2 mile to pass through the Shaw's parking lot before actually joining the bike trail. I'm assuming this was just a resupply stop, not a mandatory part of the route, so I could actually hop onto the Cape Cod bike trail at Nickerson park (just to save 1/2 mile on a busy road)?

Self-supported FKT completed on 6/5/2023 in 10:46:10 (pending verification).  This is a really fun route!  In answer to my own questions, for any future runners:

(1) I had no trouble crossing the rocks & beach about 2 hours after high tide (4 hours before the next low tide).

(2) I did turn onto the Cape Cod Rail Trail (CCRT) where Rt 6A passes over it, at Nickerson Park (just before mile 32). But I had some trouble finding my way off the CCRT back to Rt 6 around mile 46. The paved part of the CCRT ends shortly after Lecount Hollow Rd, and then it becomes mushy sand with some ambiguous "no trespassing" signs. So I recommend turning left on Lecount Hollow Rd to rejoin Rt 6 around mile 44 instead. Rt 6 has a wide shoulder, so it's easy & safe to run on.

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I will try a variation of this trail tonight 09/25/2023 running a variation of the posted route. The variation is under Cape Cod Run Against The Tides.  I will attempt to break the course record by starting half an hour before the first low tide at 12:01 a.m. My Garmin InReach tracker is