Route: Mt Adams (WA)

Washington, US
12.7 mi
Vertical Gain
6,670 ft

Mt Adams (12,281') is the second-highest mountain in the U.S. state of Washington, after Mount Rainier.[4]


The standard route on Adams is the South Climb route, which ascends 6700' in about 6 miles from the Cold Springs trailhead.

GPS Track


This morning, Tuesday June 26th, 2018, I ran/hiked the South Climb route up Mt. Adams. I started my watch, a Garmin Forerunner 230, at the log fence just before the information sign at the Cold Springs Trailhead. It took me 2:05:20 for the ascent from trailhead to summit and was able to cruise down for a round trip time of 2:58:40.

Here is the link to my Strava activity:

And here is the link to the same activity on Garmin Connect, I don't know if it handles the gpx file differently:

I think this is a new round trip FKT but wasn't quite able to get Sean O'Rourke for the ascent FKT.

I think the ascent only FKT on this new site is wrong maybe? The old site shows Seano (Sean O'Rourke) having done the ascent in 2:02:XX.

Per the old proboard forum for Mt Adams ascent this should be the South Climb ascent FKT:

Sean O'Rourke: 2:02:45

Alex King: 2:05:20

Trevor Alcott: 2:20:28

Dan Kraft: 2:29:01

Tim Dearden: 2:43:52


Hey Folks,

This morning I headed up the south trail with a time of 2:05:06 to the top and a car to car time of 3:03:45. My real time if you nerd out on the map is a bit faster (3:00:33) I tripped when I looked down to stop my watch and then didn't turn it off until I'd started to change clothes. Thanks to the guy I met in the parking lot called Paul who let me borrow his micro spikes and you fine gentlemen for motivating me to get off the couch! I see the fastest guy cut the corners on the south switchbacks? is that fair game? I'm totally hooked on this website now! Also I'm new to the mountain/trail running community, feel free to reach out if any of you fellas ever need a partner! 


Gian Dalle

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Hey there,


Thinking about putting up a women's FKT on Mt. Adams, anyone know of any woman who has put up a time somewhere? I haven't been able to find any beta on women's listed times online. 


Hey girl hey!! I have been scouring for female times too, and as of right now (on strava only) the quickest time I can find is 6:30 round trip. I know there are faster times out there but I cant find them! I don't know how haha Yesterday I did it in a sort of clunky 6:16 RT my ascent was sub 3 but coming down was so slow for me. It DEF be done faster, esp if the descent conditions are still firm (yesterday is was mashed potatoes and took me forever to come down plus it was a full out party up there, so many people). I think I could shave off a big chunk of time with firm snow and not waiting for friends, taking pics and talking to all the hikers haha). Gonna try to head out in August again and go for sub 5 RT if you ever want company! Either way go get it girl! XO -Sara