Posted Finished Athlete(s) Route Time
4 weeks 1 day ago James Rockwell, Josh Rogers, Franklin Baker GSMNP Lakeshore Trail - Fontana to Bryson 7h 51m 46s
4 weeks 1 day ago Ollie Pryer Canterbury Outer Ring (United Kingdom) 3h 1m 20s
4 weeks 1 day ago Florian Felch Drei-Kaiserberge-Tour (Germany) 2h 19m 53s
4 weeks 1 day ago Florian Felch Löwenpfad „Höhenrunde“ (Schwäbische Alb) 59m 6s
4 weeks 1 day ago Davide Dinosio Giovanni Lo Slavo (Italy) 58m 46s
4 weeks 1 day ago Demetrio Castignola Giovanni Lo Slavo (Italy) 1h 15m 2s
4 weeks 1 day ago Brad Morris Allegheny Trail (WV) 14d 2h 8m 0s
1 month ago Sue Harrison The WaLK 5h 12m 3s
1 month ago Jason McVey Nantahala Adventure Run (NC) 13h 27m 5s
1 month ago Roger Darrigrand Travessia Boi Preto (Brazil) 11h 40m 40s
1 month ago Volker Buschka, Christiane Buschka Pfaelzer Weinsteig (Germany) 2h 43m 14s
1 month ago Volker Buschka Bergdörfer Grenzweg (Karlsruhe, Germany) 2h 18m 47s
1 month ago Sanna Duthie, Henry Drake Ceredigion Coastal Path (United Kingdom) 12h 33m 54s
1 month ago Alexis Sellies, Old Great North Road (NSW, Australia) 5h 42m 1s
1 month ago Stacy DiFranco MD/WV Triple Crown (Loudoun Heights, Maryland Heights, Weverton Cliffs) 5h 59m 45s
1 month ago Daniel Hernes Schluchtensteig (Germany) 18h 2m 37s
1 month ago Adam Ribeiro Boroughs Loop (MA) 4h 33m 39s
1 month ago Chris Denison Stour Valley Walk (United Kingdom) 11h 6m 54s
1 month ago Jean Dominique GR221, Mallorca (Spain) 21h 20m 58s
1 month ago Courtney Clifton Oneonta Gorge Falls Loop (OR) 4h 29m 47s
1 month ago Mead Binhammer Jekyll Island Perimeter (GA) 1h 38m 52s
1 month ago Bernard Vandamme GR® de Pays des Gorges du Viaur (France) 8h 32m 12s
1 month ago Sarah (Ports) Connor Zoar Trail (CT) 1h 0m 56s
1 month ago Bethany Garretson Mt Pisgah (NC) 20m 25s
1 month ago Scott Livingston, Debbie Livingston Little Cayman Island (Cayman Islands) 3h 33m 22s