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Amy Ansbaugh Florida Trail (FL) Supported In progress
Shayna Kott Florida Trail (FL) Self-supported In progress

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  • jdejoannis:
    Me too. I have been running in the Habitat well before I noticed those signs. I think they are worried about big groups of runners coming through. It wouldn't hurt though to ask permission prior to a run and to do it solo.
  • jdejoannis:
    Yes the WG is a great little corridor connecting the parks a suburban area. I have done the route you suggest before. The section from Lone Tree Hill to Pleasant St is not blazed though. That is a point of confusion for many because Google Maps has… read more »
  • cfoster924:
    (Better late than never!)  Heading out for this one tomorrow morning! Big thanks to Michael and Evan for killer info.   Wish me luck….
  • Lizzie G:
    I plan to do this on Monday 17th January 2022
  • Tall Climber Kevin:
    Hey hey guys! way to throw down some recent times... I also threw down a low 1 hour time on this in December thinking I had taken out the previous FKT... unfortunately, a couple of actually fast St. John's University kids came down from the bitter… read more »