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Interviews each week with FKT-setters and other athletes and figures in the world of Fastest Known Times.

Follow Michael Wardian's attempt to run the 631 mile Israel National Trail in 10 days, beginning March 12th.

The 2018 Fastest Known Time of the Year awards for FKTs set in Europe.


Recent Comments

  • bmercer:
    Today went very well and I ran a 11:19:28 establishing a new FKT. I submitted the GPS file for verification but here the strava. Will update with a full report as soon as possible.   -Ben M.  
  • Art Brody:
    I Art Brody (happy-go-lucky) plan is to yoyo the AZT self supported I started at the southern terminus on 3/16/19 at 8:43am. on the sobo leg I plan on going for the self supported FKT. I hesitate to post this because my ankle is not a 100% I hurt it… read more »
  • bmercer:
    On Tuesday, March 19th I'll be attempting to establish a new FKT on the Georgia Loop. Recently there have been some reroutes on the Duncan Ridge Trail (west of fish gap), I'll be electing to take the old trail while it is still passable.  I planning… read more »
  • christophestahl:
    Thank you Andrea for adding this route. I will give the Double Traverse a shot tomorrow for the mens. We need more FKTs in the Los Angeles area with all the beautiful mountains around here. I am planning to submit at least 2 new routes in 2019 for… read more »
  • pbakwin:
    Cassie Scallon attempted the FKT on 3/09/2019, but came up a bit short: "I just wanted to follow up on the unsupported FKT attempt I had on the Joshua Tree Traverse last weekend. I missed Sarah Keys' time and ended up coming in 5:36:12, which looks… read more »