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Candice Burt Arizona Trail (AZ) Supported DNF

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  • Carter Burnham:
    I attempted this route South to North today ( April 7, 2024) and completed it in 9:12:16 ( pending submission) but wanted to share a few thoughts in these comments for others who choose to attempt this! This is such an incredibly cool route! Firstly… read more »
  • Candice Burt:
    I’m started a supported attempt of the Arizona Trail April 8, 2024 I’ll start around 3am at Mexico border from south to north. My tracking will be here: -Candice Burt 
  • Matt Girvan:
    Update: I pulled the pin at 80 km yesterday. I had a great day out and made it from Winchester to Amberley in about 11 hours. I was feeling strong but it was getting pretty gusty on the tops and I wasn't comfortable with my safety margin in terms… read more »
  • Jason Doedderlein:
    As an update, for anyone thinking of doing this...  I started at Fairly and was on the pace I wanted, despite losing the trail a couple of time. It really isn't maintained but was still navigable. That is, until approximately mile 22 (16ish miles… read more »
  • Matthew_Cooley:
    I’ll be starting my attempt one day earlier than planned on April 14th instead of the 15th