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The best routes: what are they, who did them, and how fast?

Interviews each week with FKT-setters and other athletes and figures in the world of Fastest Known Times.

Follow Michael Wardian's attempt to run the 631 mile Israel National Trail in 10 days, beginning March 12th.

The 2018 Fastest Known Time of the Year awards for FKTs set in Europe.


Recent Comments

  • Alex Ellsworth:
    I will be attempting the Wilderness Loop FKT on Sunday, March 10th. I will be looking to best Dylan Beres' time of 20hrs 35mins.   Thanks, Alex
  • Sandy-2:
    Hi, just letting folks know that this weekend my daughter and I are setting off to try for an unsupported FKT on the Lone Star Hiking Trail (LSHT) in Texas.  We’ll officially be an "unsupported, mixed gender team".  Due to the recent rains and… read more »
  • JoshSanders:
    Tomorrow morning, I'm going to attempt the FKT for the Chief Illini Trail.  Plan is to start around 8:30am local time.  I'l be going unsupported and brining Ashley Dodge who will be establishing the women's FKT (we won't be running together but will… read more »
  • Mackfly:
    Good running.   I’ve done this run in two out and back sessions though I’m now tempted to do it in one and train it back.   I’m not surprised you went off route a few times as it’s far from well sign posted and some of the turns are not obvious.   
  • superstorr:
    Good luck! - interested to see how you go. Well worth a recce even though it's signposted well.