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  • ridgewayrunner:
    There are multiple route options but we made a decision to do ours based on: same start/finish point, get to summit of each peak and utilise pleasant paths that would encourage others to do it. We hope our precedent will be followed but fully expect… read more »
  • Nathan Broom:
    Mark, fair question. There's some leeway on this one, with good points going both ways. Tradition matters in FKTs, which is an argument for Russ's 50-mile backwards S... as is the appeal of a 50-mile route (and a 100-mile out-and-back). However,… read more »
  • Sandbag:
    Hello, I will attempt the self supported FKT on the Sheltowee Trace starting 10/31/20, or a fast thru-hike.  I'll be SOBO and carrying a inreach tracker.  I will post a report and pics if things go well.… read more »
  • glampman:
    Thanks Jason! Looks like you also had an awesome adventure! Great job on the route and with the video!!
  • Chris Deming:
    Ryan, thanks for the idea!  I tried this route out yesterday, but looking at the maps on Strava afterwards, I realized I turned around too soon, at what I thought was the peak and the end of the trail.  I still had about a third of a mile to go!  I… read more »