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Athlete Route Start date Style Status
NIck "Chezwick" Gagnon Triple Crown of Thru-Hiking (USA) Self-supported In progress
Imogen Boddy National Three Peaks Challenge (United Kingdom) Supported Complete - New FKT!
Kristian Morgan Appalachian Trail (AT) Supported In progress
Alex Wright Pacific Crest Trail (CA, OR, WA) Self-supported In progress

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  • Rory Beyer:
    I got an (unsuccessful) attempt in a few weeks ago. With 4 days off work, I figured it would be a little extra motivation to try and get under that 4 day mark! I started out at a solid pace, but unfortunately my feet were not ready for 18+ hours a… read more »
  • Josh Henrie:
    My attempt last weekend I had to stop due to heavy rain fall and rising creeks. I’m going to attempt another try on August 20th and 21st to establish the first FKT for this route. I will be starting from the Mount Baker highway and Mosquito lake… read more »
  • Lizzie G:
    I had a lot of fun doing this route today but the route description on the LDW link is very different to the GPX file, using a combination of both, I completed the route but managed to add on 4.5 extra miles... so no FKT for me!
  • Matthias:
    Quit at Brenner about 60km in. Did not feel safe traversing the very technical parts of Pflerscher Höhenweg in the night after over 14 hours in. Next time I will start late to be there at daylight. 
  • Riverofthewoods:
    Thanks so much for the info! I have one question which I've been hoping that someone can help me with. Is it possible to cross the Sierras from Cedar Grove all the way to Independence? I am trying to find local West-East Sierra crossings that don't… read more »