Route: Saranac Ultra 6er Challenge (NY)

New York, US
29 mi
Vertical Gain
10,000 ft
Description describes the Challenge as follows:

The 6ers are what we call the six highly climbable mountains that ring the village of Saranac Lake. The Adirondacks are known for its mountain hiking, and it's human nature to create "sets" for achievement purposes. There's the 46 High Peaks that are over 4,000 feet in height. Thus inspired, we have created what has turned out to be a very popular way for people to enjoy our kinder, gentler peaks.

Climbers can register at the sign-in on Berkeley Green off Main Street and then check off the six peaks in any order to earn a place on the roster, a patch, a numbered certificate and a 6er sticker. Children as young as nine have become 6ers. Like becoming a 46er, there's no deadline to climbing these peaks.

Unless, that is, one wants to go Ultra.

If you finish the six peaks in a continuous 24 hours, then you become an “Ultra 6er.” If you finish the six peaks in a continuous 24 hours, in the winter, then you become an “Winter Ultra 6er,” and can be in the running to play Superman in the next movie reboot.

The six peaks are McKenzie and Haystack, Scarface, Ampersand, St. Regis, and Baker, right in town. It works out to be a total mileage of a bit over thirty three miles, with an elevation gain totaling about 8,400 feet. But, of course, this isn't just about the mileage. While a marathon is 26.2 miles (just to put it in perspective), the 6er mileage is up and down. It also starts and stops at different trailheads throughout the area.  

There, indeed, is one of the tricky parts. 

Many Ultra 6ers have relied upon a "wheel person" who will drive them to and from the various trailheads, keep water, food, and fresh socks handy, and serve as encouragement and time keeper. This is a great way for a non-hiker to join in the experience, and the celebration afterwards. They are a vital cog in the Ultra machine.

We always advocate sharing the hiking experience with a buddy. It's quite the bonding experience, too.


*Times begin & end at the town square in Saranac Lake.

*Drive times are included - it's your total time from start to finish.  Our map shows the route WITH the driving sections.

*They moved the trailhead for Baker Mountain to start at the bell at Berekely Green Park. This adds 2 miles to the 1.8 mile out and back.  The most recent attempts reflect this change 

Here's a video depicting the Ultra 6er Challenge.

Duathlon means you bike between THs, no car allowed.


hi, i have done this before and recorded as 6 different hike files and did not include the drive time. as long as you show a start/finish watch time in addition to the files then this is ok? i see that one person included drive time when posting while another did not. thanks! 

I plan on heading out Saturday March 18th for a women’s winter ultra 6er attempt. Let’s see how these trails look after the big storm.