Route: Vermont 4000ers (VT)

Vermont, US
118.6 mi

There are 5 peaks in Vermont over 4000 feet: Mount Mansfield, Camel's Hump, Mount Abraham, Mount Ellen, and Killington Peak. They are all easily accessible from roads.  We have 2 variations:  "just the peaks" (i.e., driving between the THs), and "peaks & connections" (including human powered travel between the THs).  Our map shows Peter Howe's track connecting all the peaks by bike.

GPS Track


On 9/21/2020 (this Monday), I will go for the self-supported, peaks and connections route. My plan is to start early at Killingtons base and end at sunset on top of Mansfield.

I ran the Vermont 4000-footers (just the peaks) self-supported in 9:25:47 today. I started at 7:15 a.m. at the Bucklin trailhead and finished at 4:41 p.m. on the summit of Ellen. Full details tomorrow when I have computer access. Great day to be out in the mountains!

If anyone else gives this a try I thought I would add a couple clarifying notes:

-For the “just the peaks” variation I think we should exclude the base of the K1 gondola as the starting point for Killington, as it’s just too high to be in the spirit of this challenge. (No one has done this yet, but I could see someone thinking it was fine to try.) Obviously, I would exclude the Mansfield auto road for the same reason, although it’s fun to think about whether using the auto road is actually worth it from a time-saving perspective.

​​​​​​-The Long Trail in Smuggler’s Notch (at the base of the Mansfield climb) has been relocated as of 2017. I noticed that Katlin’s recent (awesome!) effort followed the old routing of the LT. This doesn’t make much of a difference time-wise and was probably accidental (many maps still show the old route), but as a Green Mountain Club employee I ought to encourage everyone to stick to currently maintained trails. I’m definitely not calling for a flag or DQ, just something to keep in mind going forward!

completed the supported peaks abs connections friday the 23rd of july 2021 in 13hrs 48min. hell of a fun day.