Route: NJ Appalachian Trail (NJ)

New Jersey, US
72 mi
Vertical Gain
8,000 ft

The Appalachian Trail runs for about 72 miles through New Jersey.

For a shorter run, the section between Delaware Water Gap & Culvers Gap is just over a marathon.


Just curious....I am considering an FKT on the Virginia section of the AT.  There is currently none listed.  For your one state AT FKT, did you research the times layed down by the recent AT FKT record breakers (Jurek, Meltzer, Stringbean, Lewis, etc.) for that section?   If there is currently no FKT declared for a State section, can any time be registered as an FKT until disputed, or is it incumbent on the FKT seeker to research any possible recorded time that may be faster?  I suppose it depends on whether the full AT record holders tracked their times by State, or if that GPS data is still recorded somewhere?  Thanks for any advice you can give! 

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Hey all! Myself, Ricky Vandegrift and Kylie Yang will be attempting a self supported FKT of the New Jersey section of the Appalachian Trail. We will start around 5am on 8/28 at the New York border and head south to the Pennsylvania border. To set the self supported record, we plan to complete this in under 22 hours 41 minutes and 42 seconds (David Braunlich's current unsupported record). We will provide a link to our Strava data, and a trip report upon completion! 

Update: we made it 44miles before a foot injury started acting up so we decided to call it a day. 

Attempting Ryan Thropes Southbound record at the NJ Appalachian trail section Saturday April 4th, 2020. COVID-19 is quickly on the rise, but this still seems allowed to attempt. Does anyone think differently about it

Hey, I just happened to check this page today.  The ATC has asked people to stay off the Appalachian Trail.  That said, I think going for my unsupported record would be more prudent at this time.  It's very beatable.  Good luck!

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Going to attempt David Braunlich's Southbound unsupported run of the NJ AT section. Looking for a weather window later today to start, 5/29/20 or early am on 5/30/20. Sorry for the late notice. 

Pulled out at mile 53. Really highlights what an amazing run this is by guys like, Dave, Lange, etc. Ill give is another go sometime. Happy running. 

Hello everyone!

I will be attempting a female, self-supported out & back route on Monday, August 24th at 5am. I will start at the NJ/PA border, head north to the NJ/NY border, then turn around and return to my original start point. For verification, I plan to document with pictures, a detailed trip report, and In Reach Explorer.  I will post a public link on Sunday to view my attempt, in real time.

I am excited to have the opportunity and am inspired by all of the previous FKTs on this route. To my knowledge, this will be the first and only attempt on this route as a yo-yo FKT on the NJ section of the Appalachian Trail. 

Happy. Safe. Travels.

Keilynn Alicea

Amazing run. I could not imagine hitting the line and turning around to have more!

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On 10/1/20, I will attempt a southbound self-supported attempt on the NJ Section of the AT. I will provide data and report upon completion. Thank you 


Sending the best of luck your way, this is an excellent weather window. Get after it!


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Thank you! On 10/1/2020 I completed the SB AT self-supported in a time of 18:41:32. I'm an idiot and had my strava set to "hike" and my gamin set to run. I will submit the data as a  self supported FKT, along with photo verification and race report and see what happens. You all, Steve Keilynn, David, Ryan and Zach are absolute beasts and I'm happy to be among the group to complete such an awesome trail! 


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Hi there, On 10/24/20 I’ll be attempting David Braulinch’s unsupported FKT southbound. I’ll be starting at 5:30 am and can be followed using my Mapshare : . I’ll submit my In Reach data , watch gps , photos and run report for verification. Thank you 

Jessica Simao 

( woah this just got real ) 

Update: had to pull out at mile 62. A few errors getting turned around after a pit stop and some knee pain causing my pace to slow to 30 min miles resulted in a lack of fuel needed for the remaining time I would be out there. I’ll have to try again in the spring 

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Hi! On 12/11/20, I plan to attempt a female, supported northbound run from the NJ/PA border to the NJ/NY border.  I will submit my results using Strava, photos, and a run report.

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On 12/12/20, I completed the NB NJ AT female supported run in 26:30:15! Super tough run/hike! I submitted my COROS data, Strava link, photos, and race report for verification. Oddly, Strava used my pace per mile as the total time... couldn’t figure out why or how to fix that issue!

Congratulations! Your Strava run should be set to “Race”, then it will show your total time. Edit the run, go to the Type drop down, select Race, save it.

Hi! Thanks! I fixed that issue, thanks to your help! I was so impressed with your yo-yo effort. I was so relieved to be done at the border. Hard to fathom being able to turn around and go back!

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Thanks and right back at you!

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Congrats Laney! Amazing effort during the toughest time of the year. 

Thanks so much, Doug! I was really lucky with the trail conditions for the time of year. Can’t believe how fast your time is!

Andrew Lent, of moderate Maryland fame, and I, a newcomer to the sport, will be making an unsupported attempt at the record tomorrow, Saturday January 23, 2021. We will be starting in the very early morning in the north-bound direction.

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Hello , 

congratulations to all those who’ve established some new records recently! Tomorrow (4/17) I will be attempting a team unsupported southbound route with Melinda Coen. We aim to start around 5am and can be followed using my Mapshare : . We will submit our In Reach data , watch gps , photos and run report for verification. 

Jessica Simao

Hi all,

I will be attempting a supported run of the NJ section of the Appalacian trail this weekend   I'll be starting at 5:30pm on Friday April 22nd.  I plan to submit photos, watch GPS data, recorded Gaia route and a race report for verification.   

Wish me luck!

Lynn Maki