Route: Corvallis-to-Sea-Trail (OR)

Submitted by therunningsmith on Mon, 09/06/2021 - 03:24pm
Oregon, US
59.5 mi
Vertical Gain
4,980 ft

Corvallis-to-the-Sea (C2C) Trail — the trail that links the Willamette Valley and the Pacific Ocean

The C2C provides an opportunity to enjoy the Oregon Coast Range in a new way, whether by foot or bike. To be experienced are deep forests and open vistas; a wide variety of trees, shrubs, and flowers; signs and sounds of wildlife; and activities associated with local economies and timberland management.

This trail was officially established August 27, 2021 by the Corvallis-to-the-Sea Trail Partnership. Located within the traditional homelands of the Ampinefu or Marys River Band of Kalapuya, Wusi’n or Alsea People, and the Yaqo’n or Yaquina People, the trail travels from the Willamette River in downtown Corvallis to Ona Beach on the Oregon coast via paved bike paths, trails, and forest service roads. The trail experience will vary dependent upon method of travel (foot, bike, or motorized apparatus).

This specific route is the Shortest Possible Route (SPR) variation as it takes advantage of the first couple opportunities to enjoy off-road trail then shifts to the bike-advantaged route (which is available to use by all methods of travel) at the first junction where foot-travel and bike travel splits.

Note: the C2C has multiple variations dependent upon method of travel and time of year. Some of the off-road foot trails listed on the website are closed to either/both foot and bike travel to limit human impact and also to facilitate a safer traversing experience during harsher climate windows. Those attempting the FKT are expected to do their research and follow any appropriate regulations, closures, or other requirements. 

Much appreciation to the Corvallis to Sea Trail Partnership for making this a reality!


Mosi, thanks for posting this and setting a strong iunnagural time. Thanks to the C2C Trail Partnership for this amazing backyard resource. I enjoyed this variation and found it to be much more runnable than the hiking only variation. The single and double track on this variation has gradually improved over the last year which bodes well for the hiking only sections. 

Truly love that you got out there and got after it! The C2C folks definitely did some amazing work to facilitate ease of access. You’ve shown the O&B is feasible and I’m looking forward to see what you and others throw down in the future. Keep venturing well out there and may our trails connect downrange. ??

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Looking to take on this trail tomorrow (Sat), leaving from downtown Corvallis. My original plan was to stick with the C2Sea hiker route the whole way because I ran this trail last year and loved the single-track sections in the second half. However, not sure of the trail conditions after this last storm and since I will be solo, I may stick with the biker route after Harlan, which is the route I believe the others have done so far. I will be crewed by my husband. Weather is looking like a great day to run from Corvallis to the beach. Hoping for not too many downed trees out there. 

Just submitted my attempt!

Thanks so much to the C2C crew for being out there doing trail maintenance. There were a lot of trees on the trail for about 4 miles, but it looks like they're working hard to fix that. I was chased by scary dogs for half a mile outside of Harlen, I would maybe bring a trekking pole to hold them back if I was doing it again. 

Benjamin, you are truly a legend. I certainly didn't feel like heading back toward corvallis once I got the beach haha. 

Hi all,

Looking to do this trail with a few friends in October.. our biggest concern is getting water along the way. What did you all do? Drop water at various spots ahead of time? Thanks for all your help!


@karamarie10 If you send an email to, we can put you in touch with Jonathan Ryder or Ashley Nordell. Both of ran supported, but did their FKTs in the past year and would likely have good advice. 


I just submitted my unsupported run from yesterday, Oct. 1st. For water I carried a filtration system and filtered once along the way. With the recent rains, many of the creeks had a little water flowing through them. Big Elk creek was probably the highest.


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I will be attempting Corvallis-to-Sea round trip, self-supported, this weekend!  Targeting a Saturday AM start (9/24).  I'll go after the point-to-point time as Ben's unsupported effort seems reachable, but my main focus will be setting an OKT for the self-supported round trip.  I plan to leave drop bins at a few spots along the way, and do not intend to stop to filter water.  Time to play in the forest!

After 22+ hrs on the point-to-point and getting to the coast totally depleted and heavily blistered, I threw in the towel on the round trip. Ben, your time is a lot stronger than I thought, congrats!! 

I love the vision. An unsupported C2C2C would be crazy. Just running to coast and back with some food in your bag. Looking forward to seeing what you and others do on the route. 

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Excited to run this route next weekend and give it my all (3/12/23).  I'll be going after the Supported FKT.   I grew up in the area so it will be cool to go back and enjoy this "newer" trail.  New record would be cool but just excited for the adventure.