Route: McKenzie River Trail (OR)

Oregon, US
27.5 mi

This easy 26.5 mile (43 km) trail parallels the scenic McKenzie River, gaining 1,750 ft (525 m) as it passes through many contrasting environments: lava beds, lakes, reservoirs, waterfalls, cold-water creeks and dense old-growth forests. Eleven clearly marked trailheads provide access from Hwy 126. The lower trailhead is approximately 56 miles (90 km) from Eugene and at an elevation of 1,450 ft (435 m). No permit is needed, and the lower half is great for kids.

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Stunningly beautiful trail, an Oregon Classic for sure!

I was surprised no one had posted a double crossing in 2019. A trail so nice, one must do twice.

Hello! I am intending to run the McKenzie River Trail tomorrow (Sat., May 16th) from the upper trailhead above Clear Lake and go for the Female Unsupported FKT. Regardless of my finish time, I'll follow up in the comments here and share my Strava link as a reference for others. 

Thanks, Jason! It was a good day out there. Such a stellar trail and river corridor. There were some downed trees and some very muddy sections, but otherwise the trail was in great shape, mostly empty of hikers and bikers, and starting to show some spring blooms. 

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Hi, I'm planning to run this route on Friday. My initial plan was to go for the female unsupported FKT, but I think I may end up running with a group of 2-3 friends, so it may end up being a different designation, like team or supported. Mostly in it for the adventure, but hoping for a solid effort that might be an FKT.

Hello friends! Lots of excitement on this trail so far this year with Alli and Kimber posting some speedy times! Kimber's time isn't up yet but it looks like she ran around 3:44 according to her Strava! My pal Jessie and I will be attempting to run it hard tomorrow for a fun challenge and perhaps FKT. 

Hi Everyone! I put this route on the calendar for July 13th, 2021. I think I'll end up doing a supported out 'n back attempt. Does any one know if I have to do it from the upper trail head? I think I'd like to start from the lower one if that's cool. 

I intend to run the out and back ~50 mile route this weekend, either 7/25 or 7/26 unsupported and unaided.