Route: Klickitat Trail (WA)

Submitted by Cheesewhiz on Thu, 03/11/2021 - 11:04am
Washington, US
30 mi
Vertical Gain
1,506 ft

The Klickitat Trail, a non-motorized multiple use trail, follows the first 31 miles of an old railroad corridor that once linked the towns of Lyle and Goldendale. The gently graded trail starts at a trailhead with lovely river views in Lyle, Washington, at the confluence of the Klickitat and Columbia Rivers, follows the nationally designated Wild and Scenic Klickitat River 13 miles through oaks and pines to the old mill town of Klickitat, and then after a few more miles at the Wahkiacus trailhead, turns up Swale Creek and into the remote and beautiful Swale Canyon, ending in the high, open ranch country of the Goldendale Plateau.

Currently the trail is unpaved, with a packed fine gravel surface for the first 2 miles from Lyle to the Fisher Hill Trestle and also through the town of Klickitat. The rest is primitive, with dirt and larger gravel, suitable for hiking and mountain biking. The first 13 miles — between Lyle and Klickitat — can also be used by equestrians, but the rest of the trail, with many trestles, is not yet horse-ready.

Note that the trail is occasionally closed during the summer due to fire danger - confirm that the trail is open before attempting it. 

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Bryan, Congratulations on setting the fkt on the Klickitat Trail.  Looks like you had a good run.  I enjoyed reading your trip report.  Guess I'm not the only trail runner to take a fall on this trail.  Stay After It!