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  • Ben Culver:
    Posting in addition to my trip report to express gratitude for those who established this route and started recording times. Literally inspiring stuff.  Would love to see more people 'join the club' and if you need advice or support, I'm here for it… read more »
  • phila_holmes:
    I'm going for a run tomorrow and thinking I'll attempt this loop. Hoping the rain hasn't been/won't continue to be too bad. This will be my first ever go at submitting an FKT here!
  • Mike Toffey:
    What is this? Why this contrived trailhead to trailhead 3/4 loop and not just say any route or make it a loop?
  • Alberto Brignone:
    ANELLO DI VERMENAGNA (ADV)   A wonderful ring that crosses mid Valle Vermenagna.  Perfect for hiking, biking, running and horseback. Great in spring but especially in autumn.    Starting from Roccavione, it follows the Valle Colla side crossing… read more »
  • finnmelanson:
    Hey folks,   In 2020, I set a self-supported (intended to be unsupported but received medical aid from a passing hiker about 20 miles in) FKT of 29 hours and change on this route. The intent was to return in 2022 to lower the time unsupported, but… read more »