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Athlete Route Start date Style Status
Bob Stewart Tuscarora Trail (PA, MD, WV, VA) Unsupported Complete - New FKT!
Billy "Wahoo" Meredith Triple Crown of Thru-Hiking (USA) Self-supported In progress

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  • Paul Andron:
    Noticing there's a dearth of mixed-gender FKTs on the Prezi (and in general), so while we don't plan on setting a particularity exceptional time by any stretch, I and some friends will try to put it on the board this weekend.   Unsupported… read more »
  • isabelle_runs:
    I will try a supported FKT on Sunday 28th May 2023 - Update follows on Sunday evening or Monday :-)
  • IanB:
    Heh, this is a fun idea. Is this here just as a "cool idea to do in future" or have you set a time and not posted it yet? I'll definitely be giving this a go, though I don't think I'll be all that fast over that distance. Has anyone thought of doing… read more »
  • Alan Leong:
    Bedok Reservoir. Pavement: Sandy. Popular for park runners. It's a 4.3km loop around the reservoir. Did 37 loops (160km/100 miles) on it. 
  • JasonWooden:
    I'm going to make an unsupported or self-supported (depending on the water situation, will check on Friday) attempt on this CW starting at Sheep Creek early Saturday morning May 27th 2023. My tracking is here:… read more »