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Athlete Route Start date Style Status
Nathan Longhurst Sierra Peak Section (SPS) (CA, NV) Supported Complete - New FKT!
Kristian Morgan Appalachian Trail (AT) Supported Complete - no FKT
Simen Holvik Self-supported Complete - New FKT!
Joe "Stringbean" McConaughy John Muir Trail (CA) Unsupported Complete - New FKT!

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  • moistlyhiking:
    Thanks! It was an amazing trip, not what I expected but I had a blast!
  • vancleave:
    There's an obvious route here that should be added.  What is being called the "Wheeler-Kachina Traverse" here actually contains much more than just that traverse.  The traverse is a really great one and can be made much shorter (with a LOT more vert… read more »
  • outlawhikes:
    Well that was a short attempt! My iphone 12 got water damage last night and stopped working and I still haven't been able to get a replacement. The rain on the AT is no joke. Im ending my FKT attempt and will no longer be tracking my hike on my… read more »
  • Brandon Minckler:
    I concur!  Impressive times for this peak!                                                                                                                                                                                                      From 2009… read more »
  • Mike Pini:
    Editor's note: What an adventure, Ludwig! Looks absolutely fantastic. Congratulations!