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Candice Burt Arizona Trail (AZ) Supported DNF

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  • Katelyn Jackson Ruston:
    I will be attempting a supported, female run clockwise from Winding Stairs Saturday, December 17, 2022.  I've been training for this run all fall and hope to establish a female FKT.  
  • Mark Niesink:
    Hi,  I'm new to FKT. Every once in a while I pass by curaçao  for work.  I have done ready some hikes In this area.   I hope in January '23 to find some time to enter this fkt.  Kind regards,  Mark
  • kathleendolan4:
    Doing an fkt attempt starting tomorrow morning, here is the link :) 
  • steake84:
    I am planning to attempt this FKT on Sunday, 18 December, starting around 0700 JST, from North to South.  I will try to post a link to a livetrack once I begin, and hope to complete the route in 24 hours (or less!).  Fingers crossed, giddy up!
  • tortocnt:
    A nice video following the first through hike, with tips on how to follow the route, camp, find food and water and most importantly enjoy. This is not a speed hike but an enjoy hike. There is a mentioning of a run through the whole trail in 49 days… read more »