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  • Buzz Burrell:
    Just a personal comment: Thank you all for the respectful and open dialog!  Not being perfect all the time is part of life, and being able to talk it out should also be part of how we live our lives.
  • apoet:
    February 26, 2020 I'll be hiking southbound unsupported with the intention of spending one night on the trail and finishing late on the night of 2/27 or early 2/28. I'm hoping that the recent rain will provide adequate water, but will be carrying… read more »
  • Bradfordburns:
    Hey guys, thanks for the callout! If I remember correctly, my watch may have died at the point that Peter Pointed out (1:48:56) and I continued to the top and used the timer on my phone, but as the event was two years ago, I can't clearly remember… read more »
  • ivoysey:
    Jason, Thank you for your kind words; it means a lot. I really don't like to be a part of the negative internet vortex, or worse to trigger it, but in this case I felt like I ought to speak up and at least try to make my thoughts and intentions… read more »
  • pbakwin:
    Thanks for pointing this out.  I agree it's not clear.  The Garmin track ends at 1h48m56s, but reports 3h12m38s total time.  Bradford said he went to the top, but it's not clear if the time is accurate.  I have flagged his FKT.  This route awaits a… read more »