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  • Matt Zupan:
    I completely agree. But if we are talking about the same ridge it’s currently covered in snow! So I stuck to the road since it’s February. I just wanted to get this route on the site because Peavine seems like an iconic peak to me. Definitely did… read more »
  • Erik Schulte:
    Still not the fastest time on the route, just off the top of my head during the last RMR Friday night race, Spicoli finished at the bottom in 1:12 and I was there at 1:15, but I am sure people have done it faster.… read more »
  • tedore:
    Just realized that this fkt was Th to Th but the ridge on the north would still be faster.
  • tedore:
    Definitely not the fastest line. Instead of running up the service road, the ridge line on the north side is optimal and has been the unofficial route for most locals for several years. On Strava it is the Chalk it Up segment with a time of 43:30 by… read more »
  • Buzz Burrell:
    Just a personal comment: Thank you all for the respectful and open dialog!  Not being perfect all the time is part of life, and being able to talk it out should also be part of how we live our lives.